Since I have to work tomorrow (I failed to finish my bathroom remodel project yesterday), I don’t get the standard 3-day weekend that most folks are enjoying. Plus which, I worked Saturday, so today was my only R&R day.

So what’d I do?

Painted the other 3/5 of the house.

Mowed a big-ass yard.

Went to the Edge of the Great Woods (very far away) to visit some friends. Renn and Chachi are good folks, and fed us bratwurst innabun with an assortment of salads. And we got to play with some cool music studio software (real musicians have this kind of stuff, I understand).

Just got home, let out the dog, put away the last of the painting supplies, and showered up. It’s dark now, and while we did just what we wanted to, I’d like to have some more weekend please.

Enjoy your holiday!

What did (or will) you do with your weekend?