Ooh! My first hurricane season in a hurricane-prone(ish) state is upon me. Hanna is slipping her tentacles under my sheets and into my backyard, and I’m wondering if I should batten down the patio furniture. The forecast is calling for wind and rain for a night, and I’m not worried too much. But I am thinking I should make a preparedness kit, because I’m told there are more ‘canes to come. Do you have a kit? What’s in it?

I finished a job today that I estimated would take a week. It took nearly three, which is stupid for the size of the room – but there were so many different tasks involved, half my days were spent fetching different tools and materials. Here’s a before-after:

This project involved gutting a tiny bathroom and tile shower down to the studs, new sheetrock on the walls and ceilings, new window, new tile shower and floor, vanity with a custom linen tower, new plumbing, shelves, lighting, finishes, and paint. Very nice outcome, but gosh it took me forfrickinever.

So TSHanna came and went, and all I did was got wet. A very rainy morning calls for movie watching, and we went to see Ye Olde Darke Knight at a matinee. Totally worth the ticket price to see that on the big screen. But I couldn’t believe people were bringing their little kids to see it. The psycho-weirdness, dark and complex plot, and violence are pretty stout in that movie, and I wouldn’t bring youngsters to it. 12-14 year olds, possibly.

It reminds me of the time I saw the Goo-Goo Dolls live, and folks who knew their radio hits thought this would be a family-friendly show. Not so much. A few naughty words are to be expected at a rock show, but this featured vigorous vulgar vindictive – and volume. It was painful even for a half-deaf has-almost-been rock star like me. Toddlers on dads’ shoulders were all over the place, while the aroma of sweaty drunk rockers almost overpowered the burning cannibis.

Time to pay some bills, plan a party, and book a trip. Have a great night!