Yesterday I bought a new cell phone charger for the truck. I turned into a Borg a cuppa weeks ago, having bought a wireless earthingie. Apparently, these devices drain the cell phone battery pretty quickly. Since I am an Entrepreneur (friggin’ French words), I simply must be connected at all times. And I don’t even like talking on the phone.

It’s my 2nd one, since the first one sucked major quantities of monkey butt. It sounded to my conversation partners that I was (and I quote) ‘in a drawer,’ ‘eating socks,’ or ‘in a rainstorm of quarters.’ Something would shift in the work van that sounded to me like the pitter patter of butterfly feet, but the caller asked if I was ok after the crash.

So, I returned the expensive POS for a new, even more expensive POS. This one has a little nub that rests on the cheek and detects voice vibrations. Any sound that doesn’t agree with the vibration sensor is suppressed, and the sound quality is immensely better. The downside: the buttons are very sensitive, and one of them hangs up on callers while the phone is ringing. I’ve cut off half a dozen callers already; I hope they weren’t important.

My new charger came with this tag. I’ll have to set an alarm to be sure to hit the charging window each day…

I had more nonsense to report, but it’s Caturday and there is poop to do. Have a wonderful weekend!