It’s starting to feel like fall, and I love it. Neighbors are walking about and saying hello, and the usual dance of dog-walkers on cell phones, dangling their tiny animals like marionettes are supplemented by regular folk who only come out when the weather is more civilized. Cool mornings and nights, sunny warm afternoons, and a reduction in the mosquito population – it’s enough to make me activity-prone. Yesterday I set a shower base, then stopped by Home Depot to get some $100 worth of landscaping blocks. I had a $10 coupon which had to be used by today, so not buying that stuff would have been throwing money away. Right?

The work truck was loaded down so it squatted like Jabba ye olde Hutt, and I crept home carefully. Broken springs are bad, I can tell you.

We have a nasty old & busted fire pit in the yard. The walls are crumbly, and whenever we have a fire it burns the trees. So, I decided we must have a new fire pit. Thus, landscaping blocks.

40 minutes later, my chair was on fire.

The remains of the old fire pit are in a neatish pile by the fence, waiting for a friend with a pickup truck to help haul ’em away. It came down with a few satisfying whacks of a sledge hammer, and a few gentle pushes. Now, the trees won’t catch fire when I’m trying to have a weenie roast.

What’d YOU do this weekend?