That’s the marquee I saw at the pharmacy the other day. I guess it’s a real product. However, when I saw the sign I was nearly compelled to turn around and take a picture. I didn’t because traffic’s a female dawg on that stretch of road. I thought for sure it was some disgruntled kid who got hold of the signboard’s computer. Anyway, that was last week. Where are we now?

There’s a great political post over at Wordnerd’s, and she and I could be political twins almost. Except I’m a boy. That’s all I have to say about that, as I’ve just completed a way-too-exhaustive survey about my political views. I used to say, “Where do they get this polling data from? (or, “From whence comes this polling data?” for the grammar nazis amongst us). But now, since I signed up with a polling outfit, I know from whence it comes. From the likes of me, it does, after spending 26 minutes answering layers of questions without knowing who’s asking.

It’s my civic duty, yo.

Yesterday I was at Home Depot (my toy store), as I am most working days and many days off. I was approached by 4 different people, all asking where they could find things. By the time the third person asked, the first had come back to thank me, and informed the 3rd that I don’t work there. I successfully pointed each customer in the right direction, and decided not to wear my orange shirt to that store again.

There’s a party brewing – it’s this month! We’ve finally got some idea of our costumes, and decorations are starting to appear. The to-do list is becoming the done list, and it’s getting exciting! By the way, I’ll take you up on your apparent offer to truck some debris, Mojo… send me a note to spiffytown (at) g mail (that syntax is apparently to confuse spambots, which can be nasty. And my robot insurance has lapsed).

Time to scarf some leftovers for lunch and STFU & GBTW. CUL8R, K?