I made it to Michigan OK, albeit slightly sore in the gluteus extramaximus region. 13 hours in a car will do that to one.

Thanksgiving was celebrated with my dad’s family. He’s the oldest of 5, and most were there with Grandma and lots of cousins and little nieces and nephlets. My aunt works for a school, and gets to rent one of their buildings really cheap for the holiday shindigs – kitchen, cafeteria, bathrooms, and gym for the younglings – it’s a pretty sweet setup. Nobody’s crowded, there’s nobody napping on the couch and hogging up 3 seats, and you’re not waiting for everyone to leave your house so you can get on with lounging.

In case your history is fuzzy, here’s the text of the Thanksgiving proclamation that made it an official US holiday. READ IT! Thanks Abe – another of the awesome things you did!

Off to see a movie with my sister – enjoy your evening!