I promise you, it will be awesome…


Here is the Holiday Post. It’s not a Festivus Pole, it’s not a hitching post, it’s more like a Post-It.

The tree is up and beautiful, the nativity scene is ready for LBJ to make his entrance, and there are gifts gathering at the foot of the tree. So we’re leaving.

It’s the first evar Christmas like this one, and I’m looking forward to whether it congeals into tradition or is a spike in the pie chart, so to speak. My first non-home Christmas will be spent in New York City, seeing sights, walking the cold cold streets, and taking in some City Life. Street knishes, buildings that are made into little souvenir statues, legendary storefronts, and the restaurant lottery (I’m not nearly good enough to remember the places that were recommended to us – maybe Stages Deli and Five Guys, and someone-or-other’s original pizza company), so it’s likely we’ll sit and eat wherever we happen to be when hunger strikes.

I hope you have a richly blessed week, and enjoy family.