Wow, there seemed to be no end to activity over the last few weeks (except for work, which was woefully sparse). Let’s review:

  • Christmas season planning and decorating
  • Various house remodeling projects
  • A whirlwind trip to New York City
  • Another whirlwind trip, the very next day, to Virginia for Christmas
  • Writing a wedding ceremony
  • Catering a wedding
  • Getting married (ok, those last two were part of this event, but I’m making a list, dammit!)
  • Another house remodeling project

So today, the First Monday of the Year, I took it fairly easy. I got up at 7, made some coffee, and fired up the Shrinking Piggies kickoff for the year. Then, because it was there, I enlisted some junior helpers and knocked down the brick wall in the kitchen. My computer desk is now stuffed into the bedroom with another desk, bookcase, drums, and bed while that project is ongoing. The bricks were rustic enough to be shabby, a bit wiggly, and took up 6 precious inches of wall depth. In its place will go nice, smooth painted drywall with outlets, a real desk with real countertops and cabinets with lights in. Phase I of the kitchen remodel is underway, with all of 2 hours’ advance planning.


The wedding came off with a hitch, which was part of the plan. The Tiny House was stuffed to the gizzard with friends and family, most of whom drove over an hour to be here. I’m extremely grateful to the folks who came to celebrate with us! Bloggers you know were here as well, notably Kenju (and Mr. Kenju), Renn, Mojo, and Tiff, who played the part of Bride.

Kenju provided the flowers and corsages. Not only were they a work of beauty and art, but she thoughtfully matched them to themes present in the Tiny House. Thank you so much!

Mojo graciously did the photos for us, and they turned out fantastically (I knew they would – thanks!).

We wrote our own ceremony, loosely based on the framework of short-and-sweet examples provided by our wedding minister. In the hiring interview, she mentioned that she thought death should not be included in weddings, for it is too morbid. That guaranteed we’d be including Ye Olde Grim Reaper in prominent fashion (we’re both big Terry Pratchett fans). She pulled it off with flair.

Since this was a relatively low-key, low-budget affair (our previous weddings had been the big-church, big-music, big-family all-out event), we tailored it to our style throughout. We made the cake and cake-topper ourselves, made a big vat of Spiffy Chili a few days before, got a variety of frozen hors d’oeuvres to heat up, and arranged the house to accommodate 5x its usual load. Friends were invited early for snacks and drinks. We milled around and chatted while people continued to turn up, and when the minister arrived we marched 2 steps into the living room. 20 minutes later, we were married and the party could continue.



Our New York and Virginia trips deserve their own posts – but dinner’s on and I don’t want to miss it. You don’t think I got to Piggy Proportions by not eating, do you?


Finally, much gratitude and humor is due to Jeff Kay, who unwittingly introduced my bride and me via his hilarious site (particularly through the comments section). I’ve met lots of real friends that very way, and he’s even included our mugs at his site today. Thanks Jeff, I hope to buy you some beers someday.