eeeeeI am betagged by the inimitable No Celery Please, who had a very scientific method of assigning letters. I’m not going to reveal said method in case I deign to steal it for my own use.

I now am required by Those Who Require Things (the Meme Police?) to make a list of ten (10) things I love, admire, adore, or have relations with that begin with the letter E. Here goes, in no strictly particular order.

  1. Eh? There was a kid 6th grade that moved from Canada (which was 3 hours from my home, so it was pretty common). He talked funny, but in a good way. We became good friends for the rest of our school career, and had many adventures. I’m a transplant to The South and really don’t sound like I’m from here, and was once accused of being Canadian by a sweet fat Southern woman. “Y’all from Mawn-Tree-Awl?”  More recently, a nice but weird Canadian woman bought my bride and I some Glenfiddich because we happened to be next to her in a NYC bar on Christmas Eve.
  2. Eggs: Just as astronauts need a space capsule to travel through that harsh environment, life needs a capsule to travel from… er, whence it comes. Enter the egg, life capsule. Handy in size in shape for its purpose, and also tasty in an omelet (depending on species).
  3. Enter: It’s a better announcement than ‘come in,’ and entrance denotes beginning (or to hold one in a trance, which is cool too). I like going into places and beginnings in general.
  4. Employment: Work is good to have. Not only does it pay the bills, but it gives me something to do besides watch Buggs Bunny all day. Not that I’m doing that today, but there’s been more of it over the last month than should be. Self employment sometimes means under-employment (or over-employment, which while better, is also troublesome).
  5. Electricity: One of the main reasons I wouldn’t love to live in the 1700’s. From tiny currents that remember things like spreadsheets and blog posts, to the enormous ones that enable lightning and welding and roller coasters, I’m a big fan. Oh, and of fans, coffee makers, light bulbs, power tools, phones, AC, heat, and suchlike.
  6. Elfin Magic: I like me some Keebler baked goods. There are none in the house currently, what with the Shrinking Piggies ruling my culinary life. But when I get my teeth on some EL Fudge cookies, my tongue smiles.
  7. Elevation: Cliffsides, airplanes, tall buildings, and the above mentioned roller coasters give me a thrill. When I was a teen, I got to spend a summer on my uncle’s farm in California. He has a seed mill with an elevator that rises about 70 feet over the ground, with a skinny steel ladder that goes to the top. I climbed up one afternoon just to look around. I found that this sturdy structure sure can shake in a breeze – it’s invisible from the ground, but there was a lot of movement up high. It was worth the view, despite the butt-clenching terror.
  8. Eldritch: Connoting magical wisdom and gnarly old age, what’s not to like? It’s something I hope to be someday.
  9. Exploring: As with #3 and #7, I’m an adventuresome sort. Show me a cave, abandoned building, museum, ghost town, or ginormous city, and I’ll lose myself for half a day with no plan other than finding out what’s there. Usually I can find my way back.
  10. Exit: Sometimes it’s time to go.

To play along, leave a comment saying so. I’ll assign you a letter, and then it’s your turn. No, I don’t care if you’ve played before – have you eaten before? Good, and you’ll probably want to do it again, right? See, you can do things more than once.