Over the last week I’ve been renewviating the Tiny House kitchen to make better use of some weird space. The kitchen features a diagonal wall in a corner, which used to be a fireplace. It was covered (poorly) in red brick, and though it had some rustic charm, it was not exactly functional or beautiful. So, down it came (with much help, many buckets of dust, one broken wheelbarrow, and a large yard-pile of used bricks).

Now we have a new built-in desk with all the outlets and electronic gear tucked into a cabinet with a noisier-than-expected cooling fan (hence the jet power), a new light with a desk-mounted dimmer switch, some wall cubbies for mail, supplies, and cookbooks, and a gorgeous maple desktop. The old desk was 4′ wide, this one has a 4′ knee space and 8′ of counter length.

Now I’m wondering how to keep all this space from collecting papers, as is the fate of most horizontal surfaces here…desk-beforedesk-after