I haven’t darkened the door of my own blog in a while, so I thought I’d pop in and see if the furniture’s where I left it.

So far so good.

I took this test over at Tiff’s, and it’s eerie how accurate it is. I could write a post about the results, but I shan’t; I’m in no mood to analyze myself today. Nonetheless: Friggin’ eerie!

You Are 7: The Enthusiast

You are outgoing and playful – always seeing the happy side to life.

You’re enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well… and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

At Your Best: You are deeply involved in each experience. You appreciate life for what it is, and you take the time to enjoy each moment.

At Your Worst: You are greedy, self centered, impulsive, and insatiable.

Your Fixation: Gluttony

Your Primary Fear: Deprivation and pain

Your Primary Desire: To be satisfied and content

Other Number 7’s: Howard Stern, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Jim Carey, and Jenny McCarthy.

In other news, I’ve picked up a new cuss I’m using at every occasion: Fairy Godmother! I like it because it’s an all-ages swear, and just about as satisfying to belch out as any other motherfuckin’ word.
Today we went to the NC Renn Faire, and it was a grand olde hoot. It’s in our veritable back yard, only a 3 mile drive from hither to yon at an olde golfe course. The neighbors were aghast, because they bought expensive condos on a golf course. This golf course went kaput, like they do, so it’s been a fallow field of formerly flossy grass until this weekend. THIS weekend, hordes of trinket-selling, 16th-century bedecked vendors descended upon the place and turned it into a colorful tent city. And they brought sword-fighting knights, wandering minstrels, a beer tent bard (and beer wenches, with the requisite impossibly amplified bustiers), smithies, jugglers, fools, and a giant vat of good humor. And horses. The neighbors neighed mightily about the horses, but alas, the permits went through and there went their neighborhood.
Parking was a breeze, as long as you don’t mind walking a mile in the hot sun and the mud that comes after 3 days of torrential rain.
We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, dressed in our variations on highlander, leper, or American kid themes. A sword cane was purchased, several performances including swordfights and jousts taken in, and traditional faire fare such as funnel cake, sausage onna bun, and lemonade were consumed. The only hiccup was in the gimp department – one of our troupe has suffered a broken foot, and the crutches were torture on the hilly mud. I ran to the nearest Home Depot to get a garden cart for to tow the injured youngster, which extended our stay by 3 hours.
I highly recommend the faire, it’s still going on for another week or so. If you’re passing through, I’d be happy to go again and show you the sights.
And that’s all the news I’m printing for today, as supper is about to be on (hey, it’s only 9:13 PM). Ask me how to make killer hummus, sour cream apple pie, or Chicken Saag if you like, they’re the best recent recipes I have.
PS – Shrinking Piggies keep on truckin’! If I don’t make halfway to goal by next week, I may be sporting some additional baldness!
PPS – Wordsmiths Unlimited has a wee writing challenge for you, go write something! You have until Tuesday!