May 2009


Top 40 LogoThe circumstances surrounding my birth are cloudy; there was no camera, no video. I didn’t think to bring a notebook, so the details are fuzzy, to say the least. The only evidence that it happened at all is my presence in this world, and a little piece of official-looking paper. Oh, and a handful of witnesses, including Mom and Dad.

This all happened 40 years ago today, in a hospital that is not yet named for me.

Since then, I’ve seen sights, done stuff, eaten things, collected far more friends than enemies, and worked at more jobs than most people twice my age. So far so good!

Forty carries some significance, I’m told. People have mistaken me for being 43 for the last 5 years, so I don’t think anything will change. I feel no different, and have never dreaded any turn of the calendar page. It’s amusing to me that I’m entering my 5th decade in life; I’ve never given aging a whole lot of thought, choosing to deal with stuff as it comes up. I met a non-surgically-modified 57 year old last week who could pass for 41, and I intend to copy her.

My most significant birthdays to date:

0, for Original. All the others depend on this one. I’m told it went smoothly, but I don’t remember a thing.

7: Mom put together a terrific back yard party with friends and activities. I remember it mostly because there’s film evidence. It was great, until I turned into a fantastic douche, throwing a tantrum because other kids were having more fun than I. Somehow, the party (and hopefully my personality) were saved from that burst of narcissism.

13: There was a sleepover party with 5 friends, which featured TPing one kid’s house, a light-smashing and tooth-removing pillow fight, staying up all night hopped up on Orange Crush and Cheetos, and a nasty Tobasco and shaving cream potion for the poor schmuck who fell asleep first. The next day, there was a parking lot amusement park that we visited, and I can tell you spinny rides do not mix well with that diet and sleep deprivation.

16: I was standing in line at the Secretary of State the moment they opened to collect my License to Freedom. I think there was cake too, but it was far behind being able to drive (legally, anyway).

18: Old enough to vote and be drafted.

21 was a bit odd, there was no drinking binge (friends and family of the time were teetotalers) and no big event that I recall. Had just returned from a honeymoon at that point, found out there was a youngster on the way, begun house shopping, and was earning $5.50 per hour.

All my adult birthdays have been spent pretty quietly with family and friends, and all but one have been a great time. I’ve never put a whole lot of big-dealedness into it, and enjoy whatever comes.

Since letting the weeds grow at the ol’ site, I’ve gotten out of the writing habit. I still count my online friends to be some of the best, most genuine and caring folks around, and appreciate the birfday wishes! Thank you!

Thanks also Tiff, Ron, & Mojo for ramping up the party!

Tell me your best birthday story, wouldja? Birthday suit optional.