slingbladeHowdy from the Great Lake State, where it’s 20 degrees cooler than home, and full of the people and landmarks of my yoot. I’m on a quick visit to see some friends & family, hardly enough time for online shenanigans what with a dozen connections to make in 3 days. But my cousin and computer genius Jason is helping me get some stuff done, and I can wiffy while I wait. He’s for rent if you need yourself a computer genius – let me know and I’ll connect ya.

So why not? So, in no particular order, some nuggets of news:

Thanks to one of my most dearest friends, wordnerd, for new birfday wishes! Calendar schmalendar, eh?

We went to the beach a cuppa weekends ago, and there be some great times to report. Full details forthcoming if there’s popular demand. If anyone asks about sand, I may be forced to share some embarrassing details.

I’m driving a brand new rented Dodge Charger for this trip, since Tinkerbell was making ominous noises and Lurch both has very bad mileage and a problematic lack of cruise control. 13 hours each way calls for at least foot relief. Ass relief is another matter…

My dad invited me to stay with him for the trip, which is nice and generous. It’s no Bellagio, but the company’s good.

It’s graduation season, and I got to attend my niece’s 8th grade matriculation last night. It was fairly typical of the other middle school graduations I’ve experienced, having been through my 2 kids’ and my own. However, there was one enormous difference (besides the family behind me that talked nonstop through the entire event, despite repeated shushes from multiple annoyed neighbors): The assistant principal was the MC, and kept things moving pretty well, introducing the speakers and making good applause moments for staff and students. When it came time to hand out the completion certificates, he asked for people to hold their applause until each row of students completed the processional (about 1/3 of the class per row) – to ‘keep things dignified, and keep it moving.’ However, after certain names were called, clumps of the audience would scream ‘woooo!’ and ‘you go zameeka!’ and ‘you so hot girl!’

After 70 kids made their way across the stage, this was beyond getting old. Of course, some kids’ posses were obediently silent, so obviously the ones who received the whoops and cheers were loved more…

Is it just me, or are these events getting more unruly?

Time to git, I have a baseball game in Charlotte tonight. Tomorrow: Breakfast with dad, a date with my daughter, and a ball game and dinner with my boy, who graduates high school this week. Congratulations N, I’m proud of you!