Fruit flies like a banana.  -Groucho Marx

bush-miss-me-yetI had a brazillion ideas for posts over the last *cough* weeks, but never wrote them. As you can plainly see. I did get in here and tinker with my llama a little (hey, that’s still legal in North Carolina) but that’s as far as it went. So here’s a glut of things, or a mini-glut. It might not even be enough to plug the pipes of a big man, but I’ve never let that stop me before.

Since I’m out of any sort of rhythm for writing, I will do a thing I shall call Things That Happened. It may or may not be in order of calendar or importance; if you care to know which is what and when I will take your questions following this ramble.

I wound up winning the band gig I mentioned a while back! Whoot! It took a while, as they were trying out other bass players. No problem, of course… but they said they would make a decision in a week or so, and after a month I figured I was out of the running. Turns out their drummer of 12 years was ready to not do the band thing, and was hoping the band would dissolve. The other members didn’t want to quit, so they wound up needing a bassist AND drummer. So they hired my drummer friend Phil and me at the same time. Sweet!

We’ve played together for a couple months now, did a big backyard party last month, and we played downtown Raleigh Saturday night. It was a blast, the place was full, and a fairly tipsy of fan even grabbed the guitarist’s mic and sang one of our songs. He knew all the words, woulda been great if he could have stayed on key…


A cuppa two tree weekends ago we took a tiny bacation in New Bern, NC. It was crummy weather, but we had a nice place right on the water (thanks Tiff’s Mom!). Three days of hanging out, practicing music, making Tiffoween costumes, and enjoying the amenities of resort living. Off-season resort living, to be sure, but we didn’t really miss the mini-golf course or the lack of open hours at the store. Except for when I needed a hand-operated needle for sticking some Velcro to my costume, which required a trip into Town to find a store that actually carried such goods. It was only 8 miles, but 25 minutes of driving over bridge and dale each way. We got to know the route since earlier in our trip Tinkerbell’s battery kicked the bucket. The good folks at the Auto Parts Chain hooked us up right speedy.

sailingWe extended our trip by a day in order to gain 3 valuable hours of sewing, plus which we couldn’t go on a waterfront vacation without doing something vacationey. So we went sailing. A nice lady with a big sailboat advertised afternoon cruises, and we hopped on it. There were neither wind nor other passengers, so we had a 43-foot sloop all to ourselves for snooping and riding and learning about the local waterways. I got to hoist the mainsail but other’n that we rode around looking at stuff and listening to the Cap’n.


I have a couple of teeth that are trying to kill me. As previously reported, my dentist wishes to extract maximum cash from my teeth. I wish to keep both my teeth and my cash (lest you be confused, I have more than two teeth), but I have a pair of upper molars that are so sensitive to cold that simply inhaling wrong causes pain at about 3/10. Last night I crunched a Tostito in the wrong way, which resulted in about 2 hours of 8/10 unrelenting pain. 2 ibuprofen, 4 aspirin, and a nap later, it was back to about 2 – which I can live with. I can’t wait until Tuesday, when they yank the suckers out and pack my jaw full of dead man’s bone powder. Why would they do that? So they can implant about $2k worth of new teeth. I hope Darvocet is as good as they say…


Tiffoween was a big success. We had a buncha party people, loads of fun, a photo scavenger hunt, a bounce house, and more food than could be eaten by a family of two. In a month. I just discovered this evening that all the beer in the little beer fridge is frozen solid, so no leftover beer for me. The decorations are mostly down, just have a spiderweb and ghost to exorcise and we’ll be back to normal.


If this post is a sailboat, it has entered the Bermuda Triangle of Doom. My arch-nemesis, Save-It-For-Later, has come aboard and is cutting the sails to ribbons, throwing my rum overboard, and pillaging my women. Time to buckle some swashes, back in a bit…