Thanks to my everyone’s darling Tiff, I’m blowing the dust off this old, wrinkly blog thingy. Looking at the dashboard as though it’s a 1948 Farmall – I think I remember what this here lever does, now if only I can get it to move out of this rut I’ll be plowing up all sorts of fallow dirt. For what, I’m not sure – but hey, FARM EQUIPMENT! How could that not be fun?

Speaking of which, got to visit my kinfolk in California not once but twice this year (most of ’em anyway). This is special because the normal schedule averages out to once every 8 years. Took lots of pictures and did lots of stuff.

But first, here’s what they do for fun in New Zeeland:


This post has been interrupted by a tiny little spark, one that caused my old laptop to go dark forevah.

Gone are all the photos I didn’t back up, all the music I’ve collected one or two discs (or songs) at a time, and many other keepsake-type things.

Off to make new memories and back them up religiously. Since today’s the day I get over it, I’ll just hit ‘post’ and make the next post a good one.