I’ve been known to say that on many an occasion. About lots of things. I am sooooo skilled at procrastination, I’ve convinced some folks that I’m getting right on their issue while totes giving them the blow-off.

Don’t worry, I do it to myself too. Frequently.

Things like going jogging, balancing the checkbook, writing letters, doing paperwork, computing estimates… All things that would benefit mankind in general and me specifically, I can put off with a deft hand and ease of well-excused conscience.

I suspect I’m not alone in procrastinating, but that only aids and abets my lazy-ass ‘manana’ attitude. I wonder, are some people born go-getters and others born come-what-mays? Can it be overcome, like homosexuality?

Mark Twain’s autobiography was published today, 100 years after his death – as prescribed by the author. He sure knew how to sell a book. I might buy it.

I’mma go eat some pizza and swim in the hotel pool. Please comment so I know whether to keep this blog.