Nah, I’m not quitting. I’ve had many a passing thought to write about this or that or the other, but the time it takes (me) to write a post I like exceeds my estimated attention span. Thanks Ron, Kenju, oldfriend, Malach, Greg, and of course Tiff for the encouragement. It’s nice to feel loved.

Freakin’ Facebook. I’ve become accustomed to checking in on friends in 90 seconds, then maybe a cuppa times a week writing a status update that takes all of 10 seconds. It’s made it so easy connect that I almost never do, truly.

On the upside, I did meet a high school friend in Richmond last week thanks to Facebook. I hadn’t seen him in 23 years, so there was plenty to talk about over lunch at Sticky Rice. It was amazing to count the similar yet wildly divergent paths we took since growing up in a very conservative town.

My flight lessons are progressing (too slowly for my preference, I’ve had more cancelled flights than realized ones because of weather), and each is probably worthy of a story. That’s what I’ll do then.

But for now, I must finish the kitchen (finally) for the Mother of Tiff is arriving tonight for the Easter weekend, and it must be ship-shape. I leave you with a picture of Shortcake (my daughter’s gnome). He’s going on adventures before going to be with her, any suggestions?