I’m not sure about ye Olde English, having just a passing acquaintance through the King James Bible as a yoot. (Actual words I heard from a spinster who was protesting a new version of the Bible: “If King James English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.”)

One of the Christmas prezniks requested from my LOML was a post every week. This is the first installment on that request. She’s out picking up the Things so we can celebrate a little Tiny House Christmas together, so this’ll be brief & sneaky.

Much has happened this year, much indeed. So many stories, so I shouldn’t have trouble filling space with just the last few calendar pages even if nothing else occurs this year.

Last week we traveled to one of my favorite places on the planet, Clarksburg CA. My aunt, uncle, and many cousins are there. It’s a very small town, and they’re not even in it. Rural cubed, I’d say. Lots of farmland which is quickly becoming vineyards. My cousin Jeff gave me a couple local vintages as a gift, if you ever have a chance to snag some Bogle (very easy) or Elevation 10 (less easy) wine, do so – it’s fantastic!

Peace and chicken grease to y’all, and to y’all a good night!