Happy anniversary to the LOML, Tiff! We’ve been ‘official’ for 3 years now, and it’s been fantastic. Here’s to the next 70 anniversaries being this good!

I got my blog stats for last year from WordPress. Really neat report they provide, with all kinds of stats and graphics. Great big banner across the top with fireworks for each post in the year.

I had one firework. (pip)

Hmm, seems the ol’ blog has been somewhat neglected. It falls in the same category with everything else I intend to do but don’t because I sit down with a cocktail after work and stay pretty much sat for the night. It’s a wonder I manage to eat dinner and wind up in bed with my teeth brushed.

Maple and brown sugar Malt-O-Meal is the breakfast of kings. I can’t find it around here or in Michigan, but did manage to smuggle 4 boxes from California in the luggage.

There was an airplane I was gonna buy, but it got sold to another person who didn’t bother with pesky things like a pre-buy inspection. It’s for the best, I’m sure – I really have no business owning an airplane today. Someday I fully intend to have one, but there are a few things that should take precedence. I guess. These are the things I tell myself.

Happy 2012, I’m off to finish a job that should have been done by Thanksgiving!