No, for the last time, I’m not having thinking pains.

Although it seems that way sometimes.

ImageI saw a post on Fark today from pet owners lamenting the spike in Christmas gift returns – to animal shelters. This guy posted a picture of his dog with the caption, “Every day he acts like he won the lottery.” I wish to be like that dog.


Headline: “Homeless man hit by car”

Except that he isn’t just some homeless guy; he is my friend. Also, he isn’t homeless anymore. He had just gotten sober after years of insobriety. He had just secured an apartment and was moving in last weekend. He was working 2 carpentry jobs to pay his way. The sort of fellow that shows up and grabs a reflective vest and says, “Let me help direct traffic” for church downtown. He’s seriously farked up. Hip, femur, arm, various other bones broken. Countless contusions. Another friend said, “I’m praying hard for that guy.” He needs it, so if you’re the praying type, pray for Ron.


It turns out I don’t like being home alone all that much. In my former life, a night alone would be like vacation. Free rein, sky’s the limit, let’s do stuff we can’t normally do! Except that now with Life 2.0, I find that time alone is rather boring. I enjoy the company of Wife 2.0. and when she’s not around I tend to think of my Dad’s later years, home alone without a companion. Mom was in a nursing home, and Dad found things to occupy some of his time – but there was a lot of leftover time. Oh, the things I could do if I only had time… Turns out I can chew through a buttload of time without much to show for it.


I do not like stripping the paint off 110 year old doors. Not one bit. It’s a chore from the desk of Hell Middle School’s history teacher. But as I’ve been reminded (repeatedly), I volunteered for that chore.

It still sucks.

Hopefully the weather warms up enough so I can get fresh paint on these doors tomorrow, for they are the devices that keep cats off my head overnight. I’ve missed them being in their places, these sentries against feline invasion.


Tomorrow we’re getting a new driveway. Yay! No more squelching of thick, sticky mud every time Iwant to get in the car. Fresh gravel for all – and maybe a year without having to mow the driveway! It’s entirely likely that I’ll get to drive a Bobcat too. If you haven’t operated a Bobcat, go rent one. They’re hella fun!

There, now I’m only 2 posts overdue.