Happy 2013!

I was born in an odd year, graduated high school in an odd year, and got married the 2nd time in an odd year. So far that’s working out pretty well for me, here’s hoping this one is even just as good!

Highlights from last year:

  • Celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary to the best wife ever
  • Flew 130.8 hImageours in 6 different aircraft, earned my High Performance endorsement
  • Started Instrument Ground School (for the 2nd time)
  • Played 48 gigs with Steelwater
  • Played 30 some times with the Wombats (church band)
  • Visited Michigan twice
  • Visited Virginia a buncha times
  • Turned another year older
  • Voted
  • Slung lots of lumber, tile, cabinets, and even some shingles
  • Posted twice in my blog
  • Made some friends

There, now you’re up to date on what’s been going on!