Writing my own biography seems a little masturbatory. Sometimes it’s fun, so here goes. I’mma try it in the 100 things format.

  1. I’m a guy
  2. I was born just before the ’70s
  3. I love my girlfriend. A lot.
  4. I’m gonna marry her.
  5. She asked me to, and I said yes.
  6. That was before we ever met in person.
  7. I clean when I’m stressed
  8. I also surf the internet when stressed
  9. But not only then
  10. I have regrets
  11. but don’t dwell on them often
  12. The glass is full
  13. and I’m thirsty
  14. Cooking is one of my favorite things
  15. Flying airplanes is too
  16. Cooking is cheaper
  17. I wish I was 30 pounds lighter
  18. but not badly enough to make it so
  19. I’m a dork, geek, AND nerd
  20. None of them severely enough to merit special parking spaces
  21. I vote
  22. I probably vote differently than you
  23. We can still be friends
  24. I’m not afraid of political debates
  25. But I don’t often start them
  26. I’m an Olympic-level procrastinator
  27. The training’s pretty rigorous
  28. Which is why I put it off
  29. I used to want to be an architect
  30. Went to school for it
  31. Worked for one
  32. Decided I’d rather build things
  33. Still spent 1/3 of my career drawing things to pay the bills
  34. 66 to go…

One Response to “100 Things”

  1. JB Says:

    Love it- I’m pissed that supermarkets came out with special parking spots for preggers after I had mine.

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